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Standard Feed and Seed Co. is your go-to place for all farm, animal, and utility supplies. In addition to all of the supplies you expect from a feed and seed company, we also offer a wide range of pet, garden, and other goods. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or livestock, we offer the leading food and care goods to keep your animals healthy and well. For your garden, we sell popular equipment, plants, seeds and more.

Call Standard Feed and Seed Co. at (404) 241-6922 today to ask about our huge inventory including:

  • Dog and cat food in bulk
  • Garden equipment
  • Garden supplies
  • Hay for horses
  • Horse feed in bulk
  • Fertilizers
  • Plants
  • Garden seeds
  • Flowers
  • Pet supplies, large/small
  • Fencing
  • Livestock
  • Health supplies
  • Poultry feed